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A token to help the Palestinian people

We created this token to help the Palestinian people in their fight for freedom

CA: 6tSWiRsAZbVnYCHxvnDZ2JSG2QhhkaDdBMNvfPfGbe1n

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We're stronger together

Muslim Man holding Palestine Flag
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Concrete actions implemented

We have already donated $5,000 to an association, created a multisig wallet to receive donations, and contacted associations in Gaza.

Fighting for peace and saving lives

Long-term goal is to bring peace and save as many lives as possible in Palestine. Nobody can censor us, we're on the blockchain. We can have a huge impact if we join forces.

A community united by a common goal

Palestine Coin is not a simple token, it’s a movement. And our community members know it. The more we are, the more visibility we can give to the people of Palestine.

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Our community is growing day by day, with over 1,800 members on our Telegram channel, thank you

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We've already donated $5,000 to Palestine and we don't intend to stop there.

Donations based on market cap

We've set up donation levels :

3M Market Cap = 15 Solana

5M Market Cap = 20 Solana

7M Market Cap = 30 Solana

10M Market Cap = 35 Solana

A total of 100 Sol will be donated to charity if we hit 10M MC

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Flag of Palestine country with paint brush grunge texture.

Donations on multisig wallet

You can send your cryptocurrency donations to this wallet : Link of multisig

All donations will be sent to this association : Association link

You'll have all proof of payment

if we surpass the 10M market cap, we'll establish a new level of donations.

More you hold, more we can donate to Palestine. If you just want to trade this token, it's your right. If you make this choice, we ask you to consider donating only 1% or 5% of your winnings to the multisig wallet. It's a small donation, but if everyone does it, we can have a huge impact.


To be even more effective, we've decided to get in touch with associations directly in Gaza, to donate food aid, clothing, healthcare, and anything else that might be useful.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of this collaboration.

Palestine Coin is only few days old, and we're working hard to get things up and running as quickly as possible.

Things are moving ahead and we're working 24 hours a day on this project.

The community is incredible. Thanks to all!

Palestine Flag Raised by People
Woman Holding a Palestinian Flag

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